Eating plan

Recommended eating plan amount of spirulina algae

Remark: after consuming spirulina algae, the body will automatically respond with various nutrients in spirulina algae in various ways. The reactions occur normally and usually last for 2-3 days or more depending on each person’s status. The reason behind this is because the body will start restoring itself and its cells and also drive the toxics out of the body.

*For those who are on diet: should continually consume the algae. Around the 3rd month, the weight will start to decrease until it has reached the balance level that the body should be with perfect health and no side effect at all.

Spirulina algae are not medicine but complete nutrients that contain 25 natural minerals and vitamins - enough to maintain perfect health, extend life-span, attain balance for the body, fight off fatigue, and improve health status. Spirulina algae are truly pure products that have no side effect even if the algae are persistently consumed. If overly consumed by accident, spirulina algae will not cause toxins or side effects whatsoever. On top of everything, everyday spirulina consumption will strengthen up your health and improve the immunity system.

Algae should be consumed together with 2 glasses of warm water each time for the body to receive the maximum benefits.

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