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Spirulina is rich in protein and chlorophyll:

Protein is the essential nutrient for the human body

Chlorophyll is the substance that helps increasing blood amount

Protein is an essential nutrient for the human body. Adults need at least 60-70 grams of protein each day, whereas children in growing state need more than this at around 80-90 grams each day. Protein is the compound created by various types of amino acids.

Since our body needs protein and vitamins everyday, spirulina is an ideal food supplement. The reason is because of the large amount of protein in spirulina approximately - around 69.5 percent per weight. In addition, every kind of protein we consume needs to be absorbed through the digestive tract system. Spirulina has a significant absorption rate at 95.1 percent because it is a multicell plant which has a thin cell wall that makes for easy absorption into the system.

Spirulina should be categorized as “truly food supplement nutrition” and “natural food” due to its tremendous amount of chlorophyll. The growing method that is well-recognized and certified by the credible organizations has confirmed that spirulina provides sufficient nutrients for consumption.

Chlorophyll has been touted to improve excretory system since it can stimulate the constringency of the intestines and improves respiratory rate. Lung capacity will also be increased. Additionally, the constringency of uterine muscle is strengthened which is good for labor. Chlorophyll, besides, helps increase the rate of cell development. In some cases, however, the metabolism might seem to react faster because the metabolic rate has been increased. This is due to the ability of chlorophyll to accelerate blood cell development in the same way that iron does.

Spirulina is a food supplement, not medicine!

Spirulina algae are natural food supplement products that Japanes doctors recommend as a food with high nutrition value, easy-to-digest, and ensure great effectiveness. They are even hailed as the perfect food or the gifted food from heaven.

  1. Contain protein more than cow’s milk by 1.4 times
      more than soya bean by 2.0 times
      more than beef by 3.5 times
      more than egg by 6.0 times
  2. The protein found in spirulina can be digested much more easily than meat by 5.0 times.
  3. Contains 13 types of vitamins.
  4. Filled with Vitamin B12 that can only be rarely found in plants.
  5. Filled with 13 various minerals.
  6. Has 4 different natural colourants with 25 times more beta-carotene than the amount found in carrots, not to mention that the body can process them much easier than synthetic bata-carotene.
  7. Contains 8 amino acids that are essential for the body .
  8. Blue substance in spirulina called “Phycocyanin” improves the body immunity and drives toxins from the body.
  9. Possesses essential fatty acid called GLA (Gamma linoleic acid) that can lower cholesterol level and cut the risk of getting heart disease, prevent rheumatism and undesirable conditions before and after menstruation.

Spirulina algae consumption is a great way to maintain perfect health by food and not drugs. This method, thus, provides long-term results. By continually consuming the algae, the health will start to be gradually restored and the immune system will be improved. Consequently, it becomes harder for diseases and sickness to threaten our perfect health.

According to the report from Japanese doctors, spirulina algae consumption together with curent medical treatment can provide outstanding results.

Professor Dr. Kenichi from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Meiji University has described the characteristics of spirulina algae that:

  1. Are truly pure products.
  2. H no side effects even if spirulina is persistently consumed.
  3. If overly consumed by accident, spirulina algae will not cause toxins or side effects whatsoever.

Spirulina benefits is suitable for

  1. Persistent constipation that later leads to some malignant diseases
  2. Improve body immunity and prevent allergy
  3. Vegetarians who usually lack in Vitamin B 12 that is rarely found in plants.
  4. Maintain the glucose balance (diabetes)
  5. Kidney toxins due to mercury and medicine
  6. Gastritis and inflammation in the stomach
  7. Anemia due to lack of iron
  8. Optical diseases (cataract, glaucoma, keratitis)
  9. Chronic pancreatitis, acute pancreatitis, viral hepatitis
  10. Malnutrition in childern and elderly people
  11. Cut the risk of getting cancer
  12. Develop lactobacillus
  13. Considered as food for brain to get freshened up all the time
  14. Those who reach the menopause
  15. Those who are on recovery after the surgery
  16. Those who want to nourish their skin
  17. Those who overly consume meat
  18. Those who work hard
  19. Those who are on diet
  20. Those who prefer not to have breakfast or in a hurry
  21. Chlorophyll in spirulina prevents wound infection
  22. Spirulina contains GLA (Gamma linoleic acid) that can
  • ower cholesterol level
  • Cut the risk of getting heart disease

SPIRULINA / 西柏鲁丽娜 / 螺旋藻 / 金螺纹藻


西柏鲁丽娜 (金螺纹藻)是一种细小得肉眼看不见的藻类,颜色为绿色含有蓝色,拥有高质量营养素的食品,经过日本医务精细实验使用,并且是几千年来人类使用的自然安全食品。

西柏鲁丽娜的营养素组成, 质量比其他食品高,尤其是蛋白质数量平均超过60%,比牛肉或鸡蛋的蛋白质高3倍,是蛋白质类的奇特食品。

它的奇特不仅在蛋白质,还有18个平衡排列的氨基酸,高质的维生素, B1, B2, B3, B12, 维他命C, 维他命E, 以及β - 胡萝卜素也比胡萝卜高20-25倍。它拥有脂肪酸-伽玛亚麻酸种类,能减少胆固醇,它在减少胆固醇的效力比植物油的效力高170倍。它的维生素和矿物质,可迅速吸收进入血液,吸收速度比来自动物类如鸡蛋或奶酪高4-5倍。


1. 容易疲倦
2. 常常感冒
3. 往往头昏
4. 正在禁止饮食为了减肥
5. 少吃绿色黄色素菜
6. 不吃早餐
7. 仅轻轻的压了肌肉就疼到骨里
8. 挑食引至身体缺少营养素
9. 常常便秘


  1. 对于身体健康的人,没有任何病,连续每天服用10 粒。
  2. 白日早晚服用为了给身体有力量,睡觉前服用则为了保养身体,缓慢衰老状态。
  3. 身体健康无病的因素:
  • 每天吃的食品要有身体需要的5组营养素。
  • 每天要喝纯水,最少8杯。
  • 每天要运动,锻炼身体。
  • 身心要有足够的休息。



备注: 开始服用后,每个人的身体会有不同的反应,该反应出现约2-3天或者更多天,各人不同,原因是身体正在调整新代谢和排出毒品。 对于需要减肥者:应该连续服用,约于第3个月会见效,重量会渐渐的减低,身体平衡健康,没有不良反应。

西柏鲁丽娜 不是医药,而是丰富含有营养素的食品,拥有天然25种的矿物质和维生素,足够于帮助身体健康,寿命长,调整身体平衡,减低身体疲倦状态。西柏鲁丽娜是真正绿化纯洁产品,即使长久服用甚至有时服用过多,也没有任何毒品或不良反应。每天服用,会使身体健康,增加免疫力。


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