Spirulina algae

Spirulina algae are the blue-green algae type which can only be seen with microscope. Medical researches have found out that they possess qualities of medication.

Diabetes usually occurs in elderly patients with high plasma glucose level.

Spirulina consists of green-colorant chlorophyll that is highly efficient in eradicating poisoning metals out of bloodflow and alimentary canal. They also strengthen the liver by developing new liver cells. Moreover, blood circulation to various parts of the body is significantly stimulated as well.
Besides, they contain essential fatty acid called gamma-linoleic acid which helps the diabetes patients in controlling cholesterol level.

Beta-carotene is one of the well-recognized anti-cancer substances and some famous researches have confirmed that consumption of high-level beta-carotene fruits or vegetables can cut the risk of getting cancer. Spirulina algae contain more beta-carotene by 25 times the amount than in carrots.
Alternative medicine does not overlook the benefit of spirulina algae. In fact, they are used as medicament since great food is hailed as the best medicine.

Sea spirulina algae from Dr. Danai Limpadanai Farm have high nutrition value. In addition, they are certified with GMP standard from the Ministry of Public Health and granted halal approval from The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand.

Characteristics of sea spirulina algae from Dr. Danai Farm

  1. Our farm is the first to grow algae in seawater which contains more minerals than in fresh water and brackish water species.
  2. Growing algae is deeply concerned aboutecological system
  3. Growing algae is conducted in close circulation system.
  4. Harvesting and drying algae with drying chamber.
  5. Natural and environment-friendly.
  6. Insecticide-free.
  7. 100-percent pure.
  8. Highest quality is guaranteed.
  9. Our farm has been researched and developed safety from contamination.
  10. Certified with GMP standard from the Ministry of Public Health.
  11. Granted approval No. 80-1-20848-1-0001 from Food and Drug Administration.
  12. Granted halal approval from The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand.

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